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COVID 19 – Re-Opening

COVID 19 – Re-Opening

We hope you are all keeping well and healthy during this difficult time. We wanted to update you on our re-opening and new policies.

Here at Chiltern Health Centre – Sutton Chiropractic Clinic we take your health and that of any visitors and staff at the clinic very seriously. We have had the clinic completely deep cleaned again this week and the new cleaning policies we introduced in March, on top of our normal hygiene routines, will continue along with some new procedures to ensure the clinic is as clean and safe as we can make it for everyone.

We will be open from 8am on Monday 18th May for emergency patients.

  • All patients must consider if their condition is severe enough to warrant the risk involved in attending the clinic and we will be asking you to sign a consent form.

  • To enable social distancing we will be limiting the number of people in the clinic. We will be asking you to wait in your car or outside until your appointment time. You will then be allowed to enter the clinic which will be by different entrances depending on which treatment room your therapist is using. The receptionist will direct you to the appropriate entrance at your appointment time.

  • We would ask you, where possible, to wear loose clothing and to bring your own PPE of mask and gloves with you. If you do not have these we will supply these to you. We will not be supplying dressing gowns but back opening gowns will be available if needed. We will also be asking you to remove your shoes on entering the clinic.

  • We will be allowing 1/2 hour for all appointments to allow us to clean and sanitise the room and equipment between patients.

  • All therapists and staff will be wearing PPE and they will be socially distancing where possible.

  • We have removed all literature from the reception area.

  • We would also prefer contactless payment if possible.

  • We would ask, if possible, for you to attend on your own unless you need assistance.

We will be reviewing and changing our policies where needed in line with new information and official guidance.

To book an appointment please call 020 8661 1613 and leave a message.