Musculoskeletal X-ray Service


The X-ray department at the Chiltern Health Centre provides a musculoskeletal radiology service for chiropractic and osteopathy new patients, existing patients and patients being referred from other clinics.

X-rays usually take 15 minutes depending on the type of X-ray you are having and the area of the body being investigated.

You will be asked to stand against a surface so the part of your body being X-rayed is between the X-ray source and the film cassette. The part of your body is exposed to X-rays for a fraction of a second. As the system is digital the images are immediately available for your practitioner to view.

If you are pregnant or there is a possibility of pregnancy, please inform the practitioner before having an X-ray taken.

The X-ray fee for chiropractic and osteopathy patients at the Chiltern Health Centre is normally included in your initial consultation and X-rays are only taken if your practitioner deems it necessary.

If you require X-rays and you are not a patient at this clinic, your practitioner will be required to fill out a referral form which you must bring with you to your appointment.

Fees for X-rays can be found here

Medical professionals can download a copy of our External Referrer X-ray Examination Request Form

For appointments please call 020 8661 1613