MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound

For upper limb and lower limb musculoskeletal investigations
MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound

What is MSK Diagnostic Ultrasound?

The Chiltern Health Centre uses the latest ultrasound technology to scan specific areas of the body to assess for soft tissue injuries and disorders. The ultrasound scanner emits sound waves that are pulsed through the skin over the area of interest from a handheld probe placed directly on the skin surface over a layer of gel. The sound waves leave the probe and “bounce back” from the tissues they encounter to produce an image.

The scan is carried out by a sonographer and the images are recorded and interpreted in order to make a diagnosis.

Is it safe?

Ultrasound imaging is the safest and least intrusive of all diagnostic imaging procedures, meaning there is very little risk to the patient.

Who can refer me?

If you are an existing patient of the clinic receiving either chiropractic or osteopathy, your practitioner can arrange the referral process. For patients outside the clinic a referral from a healthcare professional (GP, osteopath, chiropractor, physiotherapist) is required.