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Chiropody and Podiatry

Chiropody and Podiatry

What is Chiropody and Podiatry?

Chiropodists (now often called Podiatrists) diagnose and treat abnormalities and diseases of the lower limb. They assess, diagnose and treat many conditions in patients of all ages from infants to the elderly and are able to alleviate, prevent and correct these disorders whilst providing professional advice on proper foot care.

How can Chiropody & Podiatry help?

A Chiropodist can treat common complaints such as corns, callus, nail and skin problems but can also help with the following conditions:

Plantar Fasciitis/Heel Spurs:
  • Pain in heel and arch area that is worst on standing especially first thing in the morning
Ball of Foot Pain (Bursitis):
  • Feels like you are walking on a pebble and can have a throbbing pain
Achilles Tendonitis:
  • Pain felt at the back of the heel that can extend up the back of the calf
  • Feels tight and can be characterised by a dull ache
Arthritic Pain:
  • Pain felt on top of the bony part of the foot and is worse when walking or wearing shoes

We also provide prescription fitting of Orthotics.


What are they?

Also known as arch supports/appliances, these devices readily fit into regular shoes and are a bespoke prescription for your feet. State of the art, lightweight materials such as carbon graphite and thermoplastic may be used in the construction.

How do they help?

They support weakened structures of the feet, deflect pressure from painful areas of the foot, re-align the feet and ankles which results in an improved posture-beneficial to so many knee, back and hip problems.

Are orthotics suitable for me?

An assessment of your problem is always required before orthotics are prescribed. Our chiropodist will assess your feet, the way you walk, the activities you are involved in and your general lifestyle before any recommendations are made.