Michelle Kyle-Jones


Michelle Kyle-Jones

Michelle is originally from Northern Ireland and has lived in Sutton for over 18 years.

Previously an Analytics Project Manager for one of the largest financial institutions in the world she came across Reflexology by chance following a period of illness and difficulty in conceiving her first child. After a 10 year wait Michelle finally fell pregnant and is now proud mum of two, Lewis and Reid.  Reflexology had such a profound effect on Michelle that she resigned her position in London and retrained as a Clinical Reflexologist.

Michelle trained at the Prestigious Reflexology Academy London and graduated with a level 5 post graduate degree in Reflexology, the highest qualification in the industry.

Michelle ‘s continuous training and development is key to her success in the field and in addition to her Centralia Mastership in Reflexology has trained with world-renowned reflexologists to enhance her knowledge.  These have included ReflexOtherapy (RTF) with

Hanne Marquardt from Germany whoi s probably the highest influential figure in the Reflexology world.  Maternity and Fertility (MRTP) with Mauricio Kruchik from Israel who is an expert in the field of fertility and maternity reflexology. Mauricio pioneered his own technique to enhance the effects of Reflexology for woman preparing themselves for motherhood.  Orthopaedic Reflexology (OR) with Spiros Dimitrakoulas from Athens who is founder and director of Orthopaedic Reflexology (OR).  His training enhances the expertise of Reflexologist by incorporating treatment of injuries in sport or mechanical foot problems.

Michelle is a full member of Professional Reflexology, which have the highest entry levels in the country, they have the strictest guidelines and code of ethics to follow making their reflexologists the foremost in the industry.  She is also registered with the NHS Choices.
It is a personal preference for her to no longer be a member of the Association of Reflexologists or CNHC.

Michelle has been awarded Reflexologist of the Year in Feb 2019 by the Alternative Medicine & Holistic Health Awards hosted by GHP-News!  This award recognises those who go above and beyond for their patients and customers, striving to offer relief and reassurance in places where more traditional medicine cannot.